Chill Rollers

Finding the Right Temperature-Controlled Chill Rollers

Chill rollers are often the most critical and yet most often misunderstood process rollers in any web manufacturing operation. What looks like a simple cylinder is actually an assembly of fluid passages directing the flow of coolant (water, oil, heat transfer fluid, etc.) directly underneath the outer shell of the body of the roller in an effort to control the temperature of the web in contact to great precision. Without being able to see the inner workings of these rollers, often their operation is misunderstood. In addition, with many different design variations it can be difficult to specify a chill roller for your operation. 

R2R Engineering stands out in the industry as not only a manufacturer of chill rollers and other industrial rollers, but also as the foremost industry expert when considering design for manufacture while also holding closely on to the requirements of your web processing operation. We will design and manufacture the absolute best chill roller for your operation – and we will explain why. 


Once one understands that all chill rollers and heat transfer rollers are designed around the same principles of heat transfer and fluid dynamics, it becomes apparent that there are indeed many ways to accomplish the heating or cooling of a web. So... which is the best way? That is a complex answer that can depend on both the temperature and structural/strength requirements of the roller in question. 

Sometimes a chill roller may be under enormous pressure from a nip or an extreme web tension. Sometimes a chill roller must have an extremely low moment of inertia (MOI). Yet, sometimes a chill roller must have a maximum temperature gradient on the surface of the roll of 1 degree Fahrenheit or less. There are even more factors that will determine exactly what IS the best design for a chill roller. 

Some of our customers’ common critical goals include:

  • Ultra-precision temperature gradient/variation across roll “face”

  • Low moment of inertia

  • Corrosion resistant materials

  • Extreme structural rigidity and strength

  • Extreme speed


Reach out to R2R Engineering today. Let us know your unique goals, and we will design and manufacture the very best chill roller or heat transfer roller for your application with your goals in mind.