Accessories and Components

R2R Engineering knows best which critical accessories to use with your web manufacturing systems. We can specify the necessary equipment to meet your unique needs. Let us be the source for your next ROTARY UNIONS, BEARINGS, TEMPERATURE CONTROL UNIT AND CHILLER UNITS


Rotary Unions/Joints

  • R2R Engineering will match the best available Rotary Union to your roller and system to meet YOUR custom needs
    • Do not rely on just anyone to specify the best rotary union for your application except those that understand the inner workings of your critical process rollers and thermal systems​
    • Very Few Companies understand the exact science of how a Heat Transfer Roller and/or Chill Roller system operates... and R2R Engineering is one of the few that DO
    • Why is it critical to ensure the BEST POSSIBLE mating of Heat Transfer and/or Chill Roller with Rotary Union/Rotary Joint?
      • Ensure safest possible o​peration
      • Ensure most efficient transfer of heat from web to roller
      • Save on energy costs
      • Save on component costs
      • Ensure maximum potential of Heat Transfer and/or Chill Roller is reached during operation​​


  • Even the BEST Industrial Roller or Shaft will fail to meet expectations without a properly specified bearing(s). Don't overlook this critical piece of your system
  • Whether you're looking for ultra-high end precision or standard off the shelf operation, R2R Engineering can deliver on your bearing needs
  • We make sure your Industrial Rollers work in harmony with your Bearings guaranteeing the best possible operation of your system
    • Don't loose money to unnecessary down-time​ due to premature bearing failure
    • Don't loose money to unnecessary scrap due to improper bearing specification
  • Increase Roller and Shaft lifespan with optimal bearing fitment tolerances for your rotating equipment​

Temperature Control Units (Chillers)

  • DON'T UNDERESTIMATE the value of a properly specified and manufactured Temperature Control Unit and/or Chiller Unit
    • Is your Heat Transfer Roller(s) and/or Chill Roller(s) getting the optimum flow rate of heat transfer fluid or water at the optimum temperature? If not you may be LOSING out on big $$$
    • What if your web processing bottleneck is COOLING or HEATING of your product and you could increase your line speed? How much revenue or profit could you create?
      • Make sure you're maximizing the potential of your heating or cooling system - talk to R2R Engineering TODAY!
      • Let us help you make sure you're not missing out on big opportunities
  • R2R Engineering can specify the exact needs of a Temperature Control Unit and/or Chiller Unit directly to the manufacturer to guarantee you are getting exactly the equipment you need to maximize the OUTPUT of your Web Manufacturing Process. Don't miss out on any opportunity to advance your manufacturing capabilities - your competitors AREN'T. 

Instead of purchasing through an OEM and getting gouged in price...

...or going directly through a Roller Manufacturing company with a sub-par design team, let R2R design and manage the manufacture of your next roller project. You'll not only save money, but you'll end up with the most efficient and effective design. Let R2R design, spec, and contract manufacture your critical application rollers to fit your process needs. Whether it be Finite Element Analysis, Heat Transfer and/or Fluid Dynamics Analysis, or the choice of Engineering Materials, let R2R make the right decisions for you. 

If your current roller supplier is not asking the right questions then you are NOT getting the best roller for your application (or at the best price!)...

...while rollers may look similar from the outside, there are very many details and characteristics of their design that make some best suited for a given application and some poorly suited. Small variations in design can cause dramatic differences in performance and cost. Just because a vendor suggests that each roller is custom designed, this does NOT mean you're getting what you need. If you would like to know the critical questions your vendors should be asking you call in and we would be happy to discuss.