Repair and Refurbishment

Are your current roller vendors and suppliers pushing you towards the repairs and refurbishments that fit their business plans and profit margins? Let R2R determine the best method of repair possible to meet your business specific goals and operational needs. We've seen every type of repair "in the book" and can quickly determine the best means to get your equipment back in like new (and sometimes better!) condition. Your roller may need precision cylindrical grinding, weld repair, complete journal replacement, sleeve replacement, basic lathe turning, or some combination of two or many and if you don't know which, the decision to move forward with repairs can be a daunting one. There is the potential to save thousands of dollars in immediate savings if your current supplier is misleading you and even more importantly if they are cutting corners for repair they could be leading you down the path of a dangerous and always costly equipment failure. Let us explain to you in a way that makes sense WHY and HOW your rollers should be refurbished.