Rubber Rollers

An Industry Movement Standard - Rubber Rollers

An industry movement standard in the web processing and converting industries, rubber coating is the probably the most versatile coating available for industrial rollers. With qualities such as great traction, compression, groove patterns, crowning, quick maintenance, varying hardness (very soft to very hard), wide chemical resistances, good temperature resistances, and more; it is no wonder nearly every web processing line has at least a few rubber rollers. R2R Engineering would love to be your provider, and there are more than a few reasons to pick us.

Much is misunderstood about the many types of industrial synthetic (and natural) rubbers used for coating industrial rollers. This is likely due to the vast array of blends, hardness, and types of rubber available. The choices seem endless. While this can dictate a challenge to the end user and even the web process engineering team, it also offers tremendous opportunity for those willing to dig a little deeper. R2R Engineering will match the best coating to your application; and if you have a brand new application we will help you spec the best coating available, even if that means a custom rubber blend. Don’t settle for “standard” if your process calls for better. 

Aside from our ability to specify the best coating available, we will make sure to procure the rubber material from the best source. The best nitrile compounder is not the best hypalon compounder, who is also not the best Silicone compounder. We do not procure from only one supplier – we procure from the best suppliers for the given application. 

As with most critical process rollers, the mean time between repair (MTBR) is directly related to the quality of the coating, the application process, and the quality of the industrial roller’s core itself. The “rubber roller” itself is a combination of materials, design, and build quality. With R2R Engineering, you will always speak to a roller expert who will ensure you will get the best solution for your application – and the best made rollers in the industry.

An Interesting Alternative - Carbon Fiber Rollers

When moment of inertia (MOI) and strength/weight ratio are the most important characteristics for an industrial roller, carbon fiber rollers may be the perfect solution. While generally more expensive than their metal counterparts, carbon fiber rollers weigh a fraction of metal rollers – driving their MOI down to unmatched levels. 

Carbon fiber rollers always consist of a carbon fiber tube (body) but can be made with aluminum ends, steel ends, or even lightweight-high-strength polymer ends when low MOI is extremely critical. Carbon fiber rollers can also be coated with rubber, thermal sprays, and other custom coatings. 

There are varying stiffnesses available for carbon fiber rollers ranging from low modulus composite tubing to extreme-high modulus for applications requiring the highest strength/stiffness. R2R Engineering will help deliver the highest quality composite roller for your application.