Rollers, Cores, Shafts

Heat Transfer Rollers - Chill Rollers - Chrome Rollers - Rubber Rollers - Precision Ground Rollers - Specialty Coated Rollers - Carbon Fiber Rollers - Copper Rollers - Process Rollers Idlers - Shafts - Cores - Sleeves - Bowed Rollers - Crowned Rollers and MORE

General Information
  • Sizes up to 60" (1270mm) in diameter and 400" (10m) long
  • Materials: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Copper, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber and Fiber Composites, Polymers and Plastics
  • Finishes include: Chrome, Rubber, Ceramic, Nickel, Teflon, Thermal or Plasma Spray, Copper, Carbon Fiber, and polymer coatings
    • Optical Mirror Finishes, Matte (blasted) Finishes, and everything in between available​
    • Rubber grooving/serrations

Rubber Covered Rollers
  • Hundreds of high-performance compounds available
    • Nitriles, Carboxylated Compounds, Hypalons, Neoprenes, EPDMs, Silicones, Vitons, Teflons, Natural and Synthetic Rubbers - AND Compound Blends of nearly any type​
    • Urethanes
    • FDA Approved Compounds
  • Parabolic Crowns and Tapered Crowns
  • Many surface finishes available (nearly any Ra)
  • Grooving and Serration 
    • Spiral, diamond, web-spreader, chevron, herringbone, and MORE​
  • Refurbish/Recoating and New Core Coverings
Heat Transfer and Chill Rollers 
  • Unparalleled heat transfer roller efficiencies (chill and hot oil/water rollers) 
  • Can be designed per any specific application as needed
  • Single Shell or Double Shell 
  • Mono-Flow (fluid in one end, out the other), or Duo-Flow (fluid in and out the same end)
  • Features include: Copper shell for extreme thermal conductivity, Surface Hardened, Specialty Weld overlay (typically 400 series stainless), Fluid passage nickel or zinc coating for reduced fouling, and many more. 
  • Unmatched Temperature Precision
  • Dead-Shaft and Live-Shaft options 
  • Designed and manufactured per custom applications, or standard models available
  • Just like any other roller, nearly any coating/finish combination is available 
  • Ultra-Low MOI options
  • Precision balanced per each custom application
  • Whether you need a simple, basic idler(s) or a custom designed assembly we have the solution
carbonfiber_1 EDITED.png
Carbon Fiber and Composite Rollers
  • Carbon Fiber and Composite cores of any size
  • Ultra Low Moment of Inertial (MOI) options available
  • Bolt-on journal/shaft options
  • Different modulus materials for all different applications
  • Extreme modulus composites available